City West Taekwondo offers students an opportunity to learn a Martial Art for life, and do a sport for fitness, which not only provides mental and physical stimulation, but enables individuals to participate in competition from club level, through to international and Olympic level. Classes are conducted by highly qualified instructors who are committed to the development of students. All classes are structured to ensure efficient and highly skilled learning of self defence techniques.

One of our most successful programs and most popular classes is the "Mini-Stars" program.This is specifically designed for young children aged 5-7 years. The program places much emphasis on teaching young children self awareness, goal setting, working to achieve results concept, self defence and encourages them to learn in a safe and friendly environment.

Other Programs include: Beginners (8 years & above), Juniors (8-14 years) and Seniors (15 years & above).

City West Taekwondo offers a variety of other classes including "Coloured Belt and Black Belt Classes" - which are based on members grading levels; "Tournament training" - which is available to our elite members who pursue an interest in tournament fighting. Short Term Self Defence Training Courses are available for non-members such as companies, corporations or non-committal people.

For more information about any of our other Programs or Courses, please contact us.

City West Taekwondo Affiliated with Taekwondo Victoria Affiliated with Taekwondo Australia Affiliated with The World Taekwondo Federation